Read our patients’ own words about their experience with H3 Healthcare Group.

H3 Healthcare has an amazing group of doctors and staff. H3 makes things as easy as possible for its patients with virtually no waiting and a very compassionate staff.  When I became sick on a Sunday morning, I was able to reach the doctor, who provided the needed care.  Despite the fact that I hate going to doctors, my experience with these physicians has been top notch.

Bobby Selkin

We have incredible appreciation for all at H3 healthcare! They’re kind, compassionate , caring and very knowledgeable.

They are extremely accessible and we are grateful for all they do to help our family in so many ways.

Thank you to all at H3 health care. We are blessed to have a team of caring people available to help in every health care situation.

Margaret Williams

A friend referred me to Dr. Shoemake after I expressed frustration with years of mediocre experiences with other doctors and their staffs. After one appointment with Josh I was hooked. He has consistently provided great medical care, but what sets him apart is how he invests in the lives of his patients. He is an exceptional doctor with a heart and passion to serve others.
Pete Lash

My relationship with Dr. Harrell began 14 years ago when she was recommended as a new, highly qualified doctor in Charlotte. In 2009, Dr. Harrell suspected a problem with my EKG. I was sent for more tests and was diagnosed with cancer. She very quickly made an appointment with one of the top surgeons in this field. Time from date of diagnosis to surgery was one month. That is efficiency. I am now cancer free for almost five years. I know there is not a better or more caring physician for me. Dr. Harrell’s staff is absolutely the best, always there for any problem. Dr. Harrell is my angel, of whom I’ve the utmost confidence in managing my health.
Heidi Hall

There are so many good things I can say about H3 Healthcare. The accessibility of care has made life much easier for me any time I am sick. Also, Dr. Harrell’s thoroughness and attention to detail caught a thyroid condition that was missed by my previous doctors, and has drastically improved my quality of life.
Emily Shwedo

We have been fortunate enough to be with H3 Healthcare since they first opened. Over the past few years, the entire staff has not only provided the most comprehensive and compassionate care we have ever received, they have literally been lifesavers. Much more than simply the best doctors and nurses, H3 treats every patient as family—we considered ourselves very lucky to be a part.

Kathy & Charlie Izard

Going from my primary care doctor to H3’s premium service was a massive step up in service level and personal care – far bigger than I expected.  My doctor knows me well and takes time to understand every detail of my personal situation.  If I need a specialist, they do the research and make an appointment for me.  H3 is incredible.
Jay Faison

The H3 Healthcare team is simply the best. There is no other concierge practice that could compare to it. It’s the PEOPLE of H3 that sets it apart.
Amy Burleson

I have been a patient of Josh Shoemake for over 8 years. I have very much appreciated his candor and advice concerning my health and wellness during that time period. He is always willing to take the time to answer my questions and concerns and remains up to date on all the latest medical and health developments.
I feel that he is my health advocate.
Ken Beuley

We have muddled through flu season, endured minor illnesses AND have faced a cancer diagnosis with H3 Healthcare. Under ALL circumstances the care my husband and I received has been exceptional.

The entire team at H3 provides efficient referrals, convenient appointments and most importantly, superior medical care that has time and again exceeded our expectations. This is an example of healthcare at its finest that tends to the “Whole Patient”.

Caroline Broadfoot

There is no finer doctor in Charlotte than Jane Harrell. My wife and I are extremely blessed to be her patients.
John Fennebresque

Jane Harrell saved my life almost 10 years ago and I could never imagine having to find another doctor.
Ann Cornelius

We already loved Dr. Shoemake but have been blown away by H3. Proactive. Thorough. Consultative. Familiar. Caring. This is what it looks like when great doctors are liberated to be…great doctors. And how miraculous that the H3 team can turn our visits into something – enjoyable? It’s a great feeling to have such tremendous confidence in your medical care.
John & Jennifer Harmeling

H3 is all you would want a healthcare provider to be…accessible, thorough, holistic, and well-connected to the best specialists available. The team has helped our family through a cancer diagnosis, decision on treatment and providers, and the aftercare and recovery. I can’t imagine facing the medical world without H3 by our side! Advocacy, honesty and caring…at its best. That is H3.
Anne Pipkin

Dr. Shoemake has been a god-send for our family, especially when we have battled anxious times. He really listens and provides smart, holistic long-term solutions.
Darren & Kathryn Ash

H3 Healthcare takes all the fear, worry and frustration out of seeing a doctor. During a recent cancer scare, Dr. Harrell and her staff provided not only exceptional support for me but lightning fast test results and access to top surgeons and diagnostics. Jane’s incredible level of care and comfort is not something a doctor learns in med school–she is a born healer.
Kathy Izard

Dr. Jane Harrell is the finest primary care physician that I have encountered in my 52 years. Her genuinely sincere care for her patients, her thoroughness and diligence, and her passion, set Dr. Harrell and her practice apart. I routinely credit Dr. Harrell with saving my life.
Scott Mercer

Dr. Jane Harrell has been a friend of mine for over 30 years and my primary doctor for approximately ten. She is passionate about her profession and is very thorough so you feel confident that you are getting the best care.
Meg Dewey